Major Business Scopes

WAYS provides consulting services for automakers and other enterprises covering the full industrial chain of the automobile industry, which includes traditional PV and NEV markets, aftersales and used car market, connected car, new mobility and automotive finance.

  • Petrol Vehicle

    Petrol Vehicle
    Market Forecast
    Sales Management
    Product Planning
    Dealer Development
    Consumer Insight
  • New Energy Vehicle

    New Energy Vehicle
    Industry/OEM/Supplier Tracking
    Ad-hoc Research
    Market Analysis
    Product Analysis
  • Aftermarket Used Car

    Aftermarket Used Car
    Spare Part Business
    Competitor Study
    User Research
  • Connected Car New Mobility

    Connected Car New Mobility
    Consumer Mobility Research
    Online Hailing-car User Satisfaction Research
    Time-sharing Rental User Satisfaction Research
    Connected Car Equipment Demand Research
    Autonomous Driving Trend and Demand Research
  • Automotive Finance

    Automotive Finance
    Finance Program Tracking
    Retail Finance Research
    Satisfaction Research

WAYS Intelligent Decision-making Platform (i-WAYS)

Explore and leverage the value of big data to build a data-driven, smart decision making support system for automotive industry.

  • 1st data analysis Business Intelligence platform in automotive industry
    √ User-friendly interactive experience
    √ Wider business module
    √ Analysis with better data visualization
    √ Compatible with PC and IOS & Andriod
  • Scenario-based smart decision making support system
    √ Incorporate specific business scenario
    √ Identify opportunities and problems
    √ Stimulate decision-making scheme
    √ Support efficient and fact-based decision making

WAYS Brand

  • Data analysis

    Industry leading visual data analysis system with automation of analysis charts and tables.

  • Data supermarket

    Over 82 types of automobile industry data,
    supporting multi-dimensional data query and download.

  • Report supermarket

    Based on precise massive data, it supports multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis of automotive market, which includes 7 sectors of analysis, such as automotive sales, automotive industry and new cars report etc.

WAYS Strengths

Fully supports product and marketing management for OEM, providing one-stop tailored solutions.

  • High-quality multisource data

    Database Development

    Integration of high-quality

    data from multiple sources

  • Excellent analysis ability

    Substantial in-depth report release

    In-depth understanding on automakers’ decision making scenarios

    Promote auto industry development

  • Precise algorithm

    Modeling & Algorithm Based

    Mathematical modeling + Machine learning + AI deep learning

  • Efficient IT support

    1st supplier of IT database to China automobile industry

    Vigorous IT technology + cutting-edge??BI system

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